Ivy wall


This special kind of hedge is made of ivy grown on a steel frame. It is more durable than a traditional hedge and impossible to cross due to the strong steel frame in the middle. We recommend it both for private houses and public spaces.


Ivy hedges are a great replacement for fences around family homes or secluded areas in the garden for children or pets. Their uses are innumerable, but here are some examples:


  • Fence

    1. Separating a part of the garden

    2. Hiding the less aesthetically pleasing elements of the garden, such as trash cans or timber


Ivy is an evergreen, so its leaves will retain their beautiful green in the winter as well without significant care.


Apart from its beauty, ivy has a number of other advantages:


  • Ivy leaves are dense and great at providing share from the sun

    1. Ivy hedges catch dust and insulate from sound, protecting the garden from the dirt and noise of the city

    2. Ivy hedges increase humidity in their surroundings, making the whole garden healthier


Ivy is a long-term companion, since it lives to up 50 years without significant care. It should be trimmed once or twice a year but only for aesthetic reasons, as it won’t overgrow significantly. Ivy hedges provide all the advantages of a regular fence and of a traditional hedge at the same time, but are much more beautiful and natural than the former and hardier and quicker to install than the latter.


Technical information:

Frame material: Galvanized steel
Wire width: 5 mm
Height: 180 cm
Overall width: 120 cm

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