We also sell various gardening and landscaping accessories.



Composted cow manure is a great natural way to improve soil that is poor in nutrients and lime.

Sold in bags of 20 l or 50 l.




Sour (Type “A”) flower soil: We recommend this soil for plants that don’t like too much lime in the soil (for example: rhododendron, azalea, evergreens) 

Sold in bags of 50 l

General (Type “B”) flower soil: We recommend it for all plants that prefer lightly acidic or neutral soil. It is great at letting water and air through, as well as retaining nutrients.

Sold in bags of 50 l



Peat and peat compost mixture

Lithuanian peat: We recommend it to improve soil and prepare it for plants that prefer acidic environments. Works equally well in gardens, flower pots and vegetable gardens. Peat creates lasting improvements in soil structure and water retention, making the ground more airy.

Sold in bags of 50 l and 250 l



Wooden props

We sell sharpened, circular or semicircular wooden props in various sizes for all plants and gardens that need them.

Semicircular: 6x250 cm

Circular: 5x250 cm, 6x250 cm, 8x250 cm

In addition to these accessories, we also sell:

    • Pine bark
    • Tree containers
    • Technical literature about gardening, botany and landscaping
    • Lawn
    • ARS and FELCO pruning shears
    • Agrecol fertilizer
    • Ceramic, concrete and other garden accessories and decorations
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